When trying to survive in the wilderness, you are going to need water. It is absolutely essential to keep your body hydrated, to clean wounds and other uses. However, if you are planning on cooking or drinking with water, you must make sure to boil it first.

When you drink water out of the tap at home, it has usually been filtered and treated several times. If you have ever noticed an unusual smell from the water, it is Read the rest of this entry »

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Outdoor enthusiasts who venture into the wilderness for hiking, camping, and other recreation may not plan to get lost or abandoned. However, hundreds of seemingly competent outdoorsmen get lost and suffer dehydration in the wilderness before they are rescued. While no one wants or plans to become lost while enjoying the outdoors, it may be important to plan ahead and find out where fresh water can be found in the wilderness. People who find themselves in this unfortunate predicament may find drinkable water in several key places.

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Camping out in the wilderness can give you extreme challenges. If you get lost, will you have enough supplies to survive? Survival training is an important part of adapting to an environment that changes. When you plan a camping trip, you should always plan for the unexpected. Pack more supplies than you think you need. You must consider what you would eat and drink if your supplies run out. Pack gear such as matches, wood and fire starters to ensure you can cook while you are camping out. Water is an important consideration when you are in Read the rest of this entry »

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You do not have to sit in the cold during the winter, sweat in the summer or limit computer or television use to save money on the utility bill. Shutting the power down and living off the grid is unnecessary. It may also be disallowed by local ordinances.

Adding insulation, energy-efficient appliances and using green building materials will help reduce utility costs for the home. Since these products cost money, many people are unsure how to reduce energy use that produces regular savings. You can Reliant Energy Texas about ways to save energy at home and reduce your bill by switching electric suppliers. Then use your accumulated savings to purchase and install energy-efficient products. As savings grow, more products can be added.

Incorporate simple wilderness survival techniques into your lifestyle that will help lower energy use. Some of these techniques are fun to use; children can learn about conserving energy and different ways to perform everyday tasks.

Cooking Without Using The Stove

Build and use a solar cooker or oven. You can bake, boil or cook anything as long as the sun shines. The Internet has dozens of free designs to choose from. Commercially made solar ovens are also available. No charcoal, lighter fluid or any other fuels are needed.

Heat or boil water using the sun’s power. Plans are available in books and on the Internet. You can heat as little or as much water as you need. Commercially made solar water heaters can be installed in the home to provide all of the home’s hot water needs as well.

Generating Your Own Power

Using solar power has become more popular than ever. A plethora of products are available to charge batteries, provide power to houses, appliances and generate excess energy that can be sold back to utility companies. These products can be used in a disaster or for everyday use. They include:

Combine rechargeable batteries and a solar charger. Chargers are available to accommodate any size of battery.
Use a folding solar panel to power laptops or other small electronics.
Solar panels on backpacks charge IPods, cell phones and other devices.
Larger solar panels can charge a battery bank to provide energy in an emergency.
Solar powered lanterns for light.

You can go on an “energy fast” periodically to sharpen your wilderness skills. If you have a generator, you can allow it to power your refrigerator or freezer. Otherwise, leave these items on and turn everything else off. You will discover ways to cook, clean, have entertainment and live if something happens.

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Before heading out on your next outdoor adventure, planning for emergency shelter is a must. At any time, you can easily become lost or injured. When this occurs. you will want a place to stay warm and safe. An emergency shelter can be made out of any material imaginable.

Selecting a location is the first step in building an emergency shelter. Choose an area that is flat. If possible, look for an area that is surrounded by trees. Stay away from creeks as they can Read the rest of this entry »

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Whether you are at home or in the wild, there are a few tools that you should never do without. They do not have to be expensive, name-brand tools, but they should be relatively sturdy to ensure that they don’t break and that they work properly.

  • A hammer is an essential for any toolbox or tool bag, as they can be used for a variety of purposes. Choose a hammer that is relatively light in your Read the rest of this entry »
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One of the hardest things for a person to adapt to when trying to start training for outdoor survival is to be able to actually live without the many comforts that we use day to day. These things are electricity, running water, and even a roof over our heads. The thing to do to begin survival training is to try to acclimate yourself to the outside whether be it in the summer, winter, or a rainy season. If you are going to be living outdoors for any certain period of time Read the rest of this entry »

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It will not matter if you are stuck in the desert, the arctic, rainforest or the woods close to home because if you are lost, you are lost. Survival becomes important to making it out alive. Here are a few tips.

An injury should be treated immediately if possible. There is one thing you will need to do if you are lost and not injured. This one piece of advice will help you more than anything else in this situation.I was looking for more information and found it